7 Acres Waterfront Property

7 Acres Waterfront Property

7 Acres
Waterfront Property
Panguitch, Utah 84759
Garfield County

Utah’s Scenic Highway 89 carries you through Southern Utah´s National Parks & National Monuments.

The Sevier River Water Users Association subdivides the river into four mainstream sections: Upper, Central, Gunnison and Lower.

Upper: The Sevier headwaters are in northwestern Kane County along the western side of the Paunsaugunt Plateau, and it flows northward into Garfield County through an extended valley beside the plateau past Hatch and Panguitch. Along the Garfield-Piute county line, the Sevier descends through the narrow 5 mi (8 km) Circleville Canyon, emerging into Circle Valley at Circleville. It then flows northeast towards Junction, where it receives the East Fork from the east and passes through the Piute Reservoir.

Central: It flows north across Piute County to Marysvale then descends through 8 mi (13 km) Sevier Canyon, emerging south of Sevier. It then flows northeast past Richfield and Salina.

Gunnison and Lower: After the San Pitch confluence and ~20 mi (32 km) southwest of Nephi, the river flows west around the north end of the Canyon Mountains into the Sevier Desert, then southwest past Delta and into Sevier Lake in central Millard County, along the western side of the Cricket Mountains. It is impounded in southeastern Juab County at the north end of the valley to form the 20-mi (32 km) long Sevier Bridge Reservoir. DMAD reservoir and Gunnison Bend reservoirs are near Delta with Sevier’s water. DMAD water goes to the Intermountain Power Project’s coal-fired plant located 9 miles west of US-6, north of Delta. Source: Wikipedia

Highway 89

& the Sevier River

The subdivision name is Hidden River Estates

8 Acres Waterfront Property

Fourteen lots: One lot backs up to the Sevier River; all have access to the river via common areas within the subdivision.

8 Acres Waterfront Property

Located three miles south of Panguitch, Utah.

7 Acres Waterfront Property

Lots 1 and 2 are in Block B the rest are in Block C

7 Acres Waterfront Property


7 Acres Waterfront Property
map of subdivision: most of the lots are in Block C and are marked with red dots.

Real-time Monitoring Station on Sevier River near Elsinore

The Sevier River Basin is instrumented with solar powered weather, canal, reservoir, pond and river monitoring stations. Source: Sevier River Water Users Assoc

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  • 7 Acres
  • Waterfront Property
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