UtahLandSale.com is owned and operated by real estate professional Jesse Brown. This site is designed to provide visitors with access to expert real estate advice dealing with Southern Utah properties, as well as to help people find current market listings.

In addition to finding new real estate opportunities, the purpose of this site is to offer insightful and informative content on current market trends and various real estate topics. This content is available on the main pages of the site, which is updated regularly.

It has been a goal and a passion for agent Jesse Brown to help local Utahns and people from other areas to find success in real estate investing. He has had almost twenty years of experience buying and selling real estate in the local market, as well as more than a decade of time helping represent others as an agent.

It was right out of high school that he started buying bargain properties at the county tax sale with his dad, who is also a real estate professional. His early success with real estate investing paid for his education, and he was able to get a degree from Southern Utah University in International Business. Using his early experiences and education, he was able to successfully establish is own real estate investing company. jessebrown

He has also invested in and co-owned restaurants in his hometown.

There are few local real estate professionals with the diverse personal real estate background that Jesse Brown has. He knows how to invest in fixer-uppers because he himself has purchased foreclosures and fixed them up, selling them for profit.

He knows how to buy land, including buying land with financing, because he has owned dozens of his own properties.

There are a lot of agents who haven’t done much buying and selling of real estate on their own. They have only helped others do it. Understanding the risk and reward of the various opportunities of real estate can only come through genuine experience.

One of the reasons Jesse decided to start representing clients as an agent is that he wanted to help others find the success he found. Real estate is one of the best places to put your money if you invest at the right time and in the right property for your situation.

Jesse’s background, personal experience, and education in the local markets will give you competent representation and answers to complex questions. He can provide you with a free market analysis of any property you want to sell or buy, and he can direct you in the right direction to find good properties for short or long-term gains.

You can find success in real estate with someone who cares about your success, and that’s Jesse Brown’s goal whenever he is representing clients.

Southern Utah provides unique access to an ever-growing number of attractions, activities and recreational areas. From some of the nation’s finest resorts to its most striking and fascinating national parks, Southern Utah is comfortably situated in the center of it all.


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