Christmas Lane Becoming a Tradition in Cedar City

Tucked away between hills and mountains in the northeast part of town is one of the most beautiful subdivisions in Cedar City. The Canyon Ridge area is a place with stunning homes lining the popular Cedar Ridge golf course. It’s also the place that comes alive at Christmas time, and in the last few years has been the spot thousands of people come for a fun tradition: Christmas Lane.

A few years ago, a family in the Canyon Ridge neighborhood gathered neighbors together to tell them of a fun idea done in their old neighborhood in northern Utah. The idea is simple and fun. Each neighbor has a large, decorative board with a portion of the “The Night Before Christmas” story on it. Neighbors decorate their yards with lights, including large lights that keep the boards lit and easy to read at night. The boards are on lawns that go around the main square of the subdivision, which makes it easy for people to drive around and get back to the beginning of the lane.


The event kicks off every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving and goes until Christmas. Opening night being the most memorable, being the only night no cars are allowed through, and guests are allowed to walk around the lane with their families and friends and enjoy the story and all the lights. There are treats and hot drinks for people to enjoy while they walk through and visit Santa Clause, who is waiting at the end of the lane.

Aside from the Storybook Parade and the lighting of Main Street, there haven’t been any other activities quite as successful as Christmas Lane in recent times. It’s a wonderful place to make a Christmas memory and enjoy beautiful decorations and a classic story. If you haven’t been to Christmas Lane, it’s worth the drive.

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