Cool Places to Visit in Downtown St. George, UT

If you are visiting the St. George area and want to know what’s interesting to see or do, you’ll find yourself with a lot of options. For people passing through who only have a limited amount of time to enjoy the city, you may want to visit the historic downtown area. There are many historic homes and buildings, as well as some cool shops and restaurants. Here are some of the best places to go in downtown St. George.

St George

The St. George L.D.S. Temple

As seen in the photo above, the St. George L.D.S. temple can be viewed from almost any part of the main area of the city. It is set as the centerpiece of the town, and it’s striking white against the greenery and red rock makes it easy to spot for people passing by on the I-15 freeway. Many visitors love to see the beautiful grounds of the temple and stop in the visitors’ center for more information about the history of the building and the L.D.S. faith.

Places on Main Street

Only a few blocks from the temple is historic Main Street. There you will find a variety of fun places to go, which includes a theater, a children’s museum, and the old tabernacle. Right behind all of these buildings is a park area and the public library. The tabernacle is open for tours on most days, although it is currently being remodeled. Within walking distance, you will find several small businesses, including clothing stores and places to buy jewelry.


Judd’s Store

Judd’s has been a staple in the St. George area for a long time. It’s right off Main Street, just across the street from the park area behind the tabernacle and museum. Judd’s is famous for it’s delicious soups and bread sticks. This store has an old fashion feel, and it sells old fashion bottled drinks and candy. If you need a quick lunch, or just want to find a favorite candy of yours that was popular decades ago, a stop at Judd’s is a lot of fun.

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