For residents of St. George and the surrounding area, Dixie Direct has been a wonderful guide to local savings. It is one of the most popular savings programs in the region, and it’s really easy to use. For only $35.00, you get a Dixie Direct card and a savings guide that will show you all of the discounts available to you in 2017. This guide covers everything from places to eat, places to get car service, and places to buy clothes to golf course discounts and spa and beauty treatments.

While there are many significant discount offers at each of the listed locations, there are also a lot of freebies. There are numerous food coupons for buy one item and get one free, for places such as McDonald’s. There are also several coupons at the front of the book for free things that involve no purchase. For example, the 2016 Dixie Direct had a coupon for two free crisp bean burritos at Taco Time.

Whether you live in St. George or Cedar City or simply plan on traveling to St. George, the Dixie Direct has enough good deals to be worth the cost of the membership. You can order your card and guide online at, or you can call to get a membership at 1-435-628-3770.

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