Well over 1,400 acres of one of the most beautiful areas in southern Utah burned south of Cedar City over the last week. The fire reportedly was started on private land and got out of control due to weather conditions, including high wind speeds. The Hicks Creek area, just a few miles outside of Cedar City, was where the fire spread and threatened to burn several homes nearby. Several homeowners were evacuated in the early morning hours when the fire approached very close to properties located at the base of the mountains of Hicks Creek.

Fire fighters were able to successfully deter the fire from getting too close to any of the homes, cutting down trees and wetting down the land near the homes helped prevent any serious threat to homeowners. Despite being able to keep the fire away from homes, the fire wreaked havoc in other directions, devastating the landscape and some of the most beautiful parts of the area.

With local fire fighters working hard, and with the help of fire fighters from California, the fire is now almost fully contained. Fox News Radio in the southern Utah area reported that around 98% of the fire was contained. With this being an area where people love to go to hike and hunt, people are relieved that the flames are almost out.

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