It’s not very often that Cedar City, UT receives attention from a presidential candidate, but this is no ordinary election year. Evan McMullin has been really popular among people in Utah who aren’t interested in voting for any of the main party candidates. While his support has started to dwindle as election day approaches, he is still reaching out to various Utah communities to try and win the state of Utah.

On Thursday, Evan visited Southern Utah University to talk with local students and people from the community about his campaign. His hope is to win in Utah and potentially block a clear victory for the other candidates in the race. He was able to meet with several hundred people in the Cedar City area.

This isn’t the first major political figure to visit Southern Utah University. In recent years Ann Romney spoke at a commencement at the University, and President George Bush the elder has also spoken at the University. Of course, we can’t forget that Senate leader Harry Reid actually attended college at SUU, before it was a university, a few decades ago.

The University continues to be a leader in education in the area and a great attraction for Cedar City.

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