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Ensure the Sale of Your Home Goes Smoothly

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a homeowner trying to sell a home is to have the home go under contract and then have the deal fall apart. Unfortunately, this happens fairly regularly. While there are a lot of reasons this may happen, there are a few things you can do

A Realtor is a Good Asset to Have When Looking for a Foreclosure in the Cedar City Real Estate Market

One of the best ways to buy a home, particularly a first home, at a significant discount is to buy it at a trustee’s sale. These sales occur a few times a month in Cedar City, and they often include nice homes at a reduced price. Typically, the bank or company that owns the title

Things Home Buyers Can Do to Prepare to Work with an Agent

Things Home Buyers Can Do to Prepare to Work with an Agent Finding a Realtor to work with when buying a home is a step in the right direction. Working with someone who understands the local market is a good way to ensure you don’t buy anything that is priced too high or not the

A Great Lending Resource for Home Buyers Who Have No Down Payment and Low Income

There’s good news and bad news with the current housing market. The good news is, homes are selling, and the demand for homes is higher than the current market inventory can provide. This is great for home sellers. Unfortunately, the good news for some is bad news for others. Higher demand and smaller inventory make

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