Tornadoes Hitting Southern and Northern Utah

Utah is known for crazy weather patterns. It’s a place of all seasons, and it can be sunny in the morning and snowy in the evening during some seasons. Utah residents are used to, and quite often love, the variety in the weather. What people in Utah are not accustomed to are the type of weather conditions often found in the Midwest, in places like Kansas and Oklahoma. Apparently it’s tornado season in Utah, both southern and northern parts.

Yesterday, according to KUTV News, a tornado hit the quaint town of Panguitch, Utah. Set in the western mountain range, in the heart of Garfield County, Panguitch doesn’t seem like a prime area for funnel clouds and severe wind, but that’s just what locals experienced yesterday evening. The tornado touched down and found properties in town, damaging a business and a home. To make this occurence even more amazing, a tornado appeared in the Panguitch area just a few weeks ago, but didn’t cause any damage.

It was also reported by several news sources that another tornado touched down around the Ogden area on the same day. As mentioned by the Deseret News, the last time a notable tornado happened prior to these three was when one tore its way through downtown Salt Lake City in 1999. At the time this was a shock to the State because this type of weather rarely had happened historically.

Luckily no one was hurt by any of these recent events, but it’s certainly concerning to people affected in these areas, as most locals aren’t prepared for this type of extreme weather. It’s safe to conclude that locals are hoping tornado season will not soon become a term that affects Utah.

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