Utah is a Major Player in the Greatest Show on Earth

The greatest show on earth is a term that may be most famously associated with a major circus in America, but it could be argued that it more appropriately applies to many of the natural wonders of the world. In the United States the National Parks are a treasure, they are eye-opening and breathtaking, and they are very affordable to see. In fact, if you are a senior citizen, it’s only $10.00 to get a lifetime pass to all of the national parks. The National Parks Service considers you a senior citizen when you are sixty-two. Everyone else can get a parks pass for under a $100.00 for a year, which includes unlimited visits to all of national parks in the United States. If you’ve ever wanted to take a national parks trip, then you can do so affordably. If you’ve ever wanted to do a trip and see and experience several parks in one trip, go to southern Utah.

Many national parks enthusiasts have found Cedar City, UT to be a great place to stay while visiting four nearby parks. All within a few hours drive, you can see Zion National Park (one-hour drive), Bryce Canyon National Park (one and a half hour drive), Cedar Breaks (thirty-minute drive), and the Grand Canyon (three-hour drive). With each park being so close, some hikers have seen all four parks in a weekend.

There are numerous hotels, movie theaters, a bowling alley, and several cultural events and places to see in the Cedar City area. There are also many lesser known natural wonders and great hikes nearby. If you think you’ll only get to go on one national parks trip, southern Utah is probably the place you want to go.

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