Utah National Leader in Helping Home Energy Efficiency

The state of Utah has really been enjoying a lot of economic success the last few years. It is in the top ten in numerous key economic categories. There has been a great effort made by local officials to make energy efficiency and clean energy a priority in the State’s development. Among the primary goals has been to help homeowners make their homes more energy efficient. This has been done by incentivising home owners with a variety of tax credits when certain energy savings updates are made to their homes.

While many homeowners have heard about tax benefits for getting solar or updating HVAC equipment, what some may not realize is that there is more than one credit out there. With the tax credits, which can be found at the energy.utah.gov website, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of making energy efficiency updates to your home. But it’s not just the tax savings that help reduce your monthly and yearly costs, your utility bill will significantly go down with energy-saving heating and cooling systems, as well as with solar energy. In some cases, people have seen their costs cut around 50%. That’s a lot of money in savings, particularly in a state like Utah where the weather is either really hot or really cold eight or nine months out of the year.

In addition to cutting your energy costs, you’ll be doing some other great things for the local community. There are a lot of local businesses that sell energy efficiency saving products, so you’ll be helping the local energy economy. Also, you’ll be helping do your part to help maintain a clean environment. Utah is a beautiful state, and having clean air is a goal that all Utahn’s can agree is a good thing. As more people are taking advantage of the big tax credits and updating their homes, there will be less waste and less pollution in the State. Installing energy efficiency equipment in your home is worth looking into to see if it’s something that will benefit your lifestyle and home energy needs.

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