Visit Wood’s Ranch Next Time You Are in Cedar City

Most families have things they like to do around the holidays. The word tradition can fit a lot of activities and a lot of places. For a lot of people in Cedar City, nothing says tradition quite like Wood’s Ranch. Wood’s Ranch is located about a 30-minute drive up the canyon from Cedar City. It’s a stunning area with great features for family fun. There are activities for both the winter and summer time.

One of the most popular activities at Wood’s Ranch is sledding. There is a large, fairly steep, cleared area on the mountain side on the south part of the ranch. This area is perfect for sledding and tubing. Due to the large amounts of moisture that comes throughout the winter months, there will almost always be plenty of snow whenever you and your family want to go.
In addition to a fun sledding hill, there is a beautiful, small lake nearby. All it takes is a short hike up a small slope to reach the glassy lake. People love to go up there and fish or enjoy a nice picnic. In the summer time, this is particularly fun. Below on the main ranch, there is a large pavilion for people who want to have a family reunion. There’s also a big, open field that’s often used for playing baseball and other sports.
For some families, spending a few days up near Wood’s Ranch is perfect for big family events. While there is no camping available on the actual ranch. The college cabin, which is nearby, is a large building that will host a big family. It can be rented out in advance for a group wanting to plan a reunion. With the beautiful scenery and plenty to do, you’ll love spending time and creating new memories at one of southern Utah’s favorite spots.

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