Beryl Utah for New Real Estate Investors

Why Beryl, Utah is a Great Place for New Real Estate Investors

Unless your from southern Utah, Beryl may sound like the name of someone’s crazy uncle. The truth is, it’s become a growing area where a lot of people new to real estate investing have been purchasing property. Approximately a forty minute drive west of Cedar City, and just a few minutes away from Enterprise, the Beryl valley is vast and beautiful. It’s also very affordable, and it’s very diverse in it’s options for people with all sorts of budgets looking to buy their first investment. Here are some solid reasons you should consider investing in this budding area.

Lots Are Cheap to Buy

Whether you want to buy a 2 acre parcel or a 40 acre parcel, compared to neighboring areas, Beryl property is cheap. Similar to other parts of southern Utah, prices have fluctuated a lot over the years. There was a period in the middle of the last decade where prices jumped to three or four times per acre what they were selling at the beginning of the same decade, but prices have now stablized, and now is a good time to buy if you want to see growth in your investment. For a few thousand dollars you could afford a few acres in Beryl. For a budget of ten thousand or more, you could land yourself a huge peice of land.

Lots of Options in Ways to Find and Purchase Lots

Beryl property can be found and purchased in a lot of ways, and some of the ways to buy lots can get you a good deal. There are two types of auctions where you can purchase lots: the annual tax sale and online auctions sites like Ebay. There are often lots for sale on Ebay, and in many cases you can purchase the lot with a small down payment and make monthly payments. At the annual tax sale held by the County, you can find really low prices on nice parcels of land, particularly when there are many people in attendance. The opening bid is the amount of the taxes owed on the particular property being auctioned. Many of the lots are put up for sale by owners of the lots, and you can also find several lots listed by local real estate agents in Cedar City and surrounding cities.

There’s Potential for Growth in the Area

Usually cheap land in Utah is in an area that is completely remote and has no potential for growth. There are several parts of Beryl Junction and throughout the valley that have been developed. Unlike much of the other areas in Utah with discount land, Beryl has businesses, a school, and many successful ranchers and farmers. There have been a few different large companies interested in Beryl in recent years because of it’s potential and affordable land. It’s very possible that a large corporation could setup shop in the area in the next few years, bringing jobs and a lot of growth to the valley.

If you want a place to invest in as a first real estate investment, Beryl may be worth a look. It’s not for everyone, but there are a lot of different types of lots and great prices. If you want to buy something cheap to sit on for a while, or if you want a great lot to put some horses on or to build a house, there is something for you around Beryl Junction.

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