Cedar City Better Place to Invest Than St. George

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Last year, there was an article in a national news outlet that listed St. George, Utah as one of the fastest growing cities in all of the United States. That kind of growth has been great for southern Utah because it’s really boosted the economy. It’s also made St. George a much larger city than locals are accustomed to.

St. George, Utah
St. George, Utah
The expansion of St. George and the surrounding cities has made a lot of local people, as well as people looking to move from out of state, more interested in looking to Cedar City as a possible place to buy real estate and live. Here are some of the reasons investing in Cedar City real estate may be a better option.

Cedar City Still Has the Small-Town Feel

St. George used to feel like a small town that still had a lot of great shopping and services people like in the big cities. But in the last twenty-plus years it has more than tripled in size, going from just under 50,000 to over 150,000 people (this includes the surrounding cities). This has made it a much more crowded city, and the city isn’t exactly equipped to deal with all of the traffic and people it has now. While Cedar City has also seen a lot of growth in the last twenty years, almost doubling in size, it still has a small-town feel. There is a lot of open space in the main city, and the traffic is rarely congested. If you are looking to buy land in an area to live and want to come to southern Utah for a small-town experience, then Cedar City is the better option.
Cedar City Real Estate is Cheaper Than St. George

In Cedar City you have comparable shopping, dining, and services to what you’d find in St. George. There isn’t much difference as far as what activities are available to do. But when it comes to real estate costs, you will find a much less expensive lot to build a home on in Cedar City. Not only that, but it’s much easier to get a large parcel of land in Cedar City for an affordable price. If you have animals, or if you just want more space for a yard, then Cedar has way more to offer than St. George does as far as real estate goes.

Cedar City Offers Richer Cultural Experience

When it comes to being close to national parks and fun outdoor activities, St. George and Cedar City are pretty even. Cedar City has an edge when it comes to great skiing, being only thirty minutes from Brian Head Ski Resort. Cedar City also has the edge with cultural events. They world famous Shakespeare Festival is held for four months of the year in Cedar City, near Southern Utah University. There is also a new, state-of-the-art art museum that was finished last year right next to where the Festival is held. Cedar City is known for concerts in the city park, as well as a variety of other fun, festival experiences throughout the year.

Cedar City Sign - Festival City USA

If you are looking for a place to invest and live that won’t be over crowded and will have a lot of opportunity and unique experiences, Cedar City is a cut above St. George. The real estate is beautiful and affordable, and you’ll love the community too.