Consider Purchasing a Home in St. George


One of the most popular places to visit, play, live, and retire is St.George, UT. This city has a small town feel, yet it has grown to be one of the biggest cities in Utah. One of the reasons for this is that it has attracted new residents from northern Utah, Las Vegas, and California, as well as from all around the country. The real estate market has started to see some major gains in the last couple of years, which has been consistent with the rest of the state of Utah. Here are the top five reasons to consider buying St. George real estate.

#5. The education system is good, and schools are close. There are four high schools in St. George, which means there will be one close to where your family lives. Not only that, but the local university, Dixie State University, has been steadily growing for years. The campus has several new buildings, and more growth is expected.

#4. The shopping and food options are plenty. St. George may have more burger joints than any other city in Utah. If there is a burger chain in the West, you can count on it being in the area. Not only that, there are several fine dining restaurants available for people looking to go out for a fancy meal. St. George has a mall, outlet stores, and several major retail chains that make it a great location for shopping.

#3. There’s a diverse amount of activities to do. Not only is St. George a great place for cultural events, including local theater, you have numberless outdoor activities you can participate in. From climbing the various red rock trails to visiting the sand dunes in Snow Canyon, this is the place for people who love outdoor fun. It’s also one of the best cities as far as being really close to numerous national parks and popular Utah attractions.

#2. The economy is really good. There are few towns in Utah that are literally expanding in all directions and have almost an endless amount of room to do so. There seems to be no sign of slowing down as new construction is happening in all corners of the city, both commercial and residential.

#1. Land is beautiful and affordable. If you want to buy a piece of property that is not only going to retain its value but also be in a beautiful area and be affordable, then there aren’t many other cities that can compare. Finding a nice lot with great views doesn’t have to mean spending all of the money on the land that you want to put into a new home. In St. George, you can get a lot for a price cheaper than most the big cities in Utah. You’ll have more options, too, as far as location is concerned.

There are many other reasons to look into the St. George real estate market for investing your money. If you want a safe place to buy, now is the time to consider this part of Utah. You’ll love the weather, the atmosphere, and the people.

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