When Buying Rural Real Estate in Cedar City

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Many people looking to move to Cedar City like that it has a lot of rural real estate on the outskirts of town. Many of the properties just outside the main city are large parcels, and the land is a lot less expensive. Not only that, but the views are exceptional. While buying property further out in the valley is a dream for some, there are some people who don’t realize all of the extra costs that may come from owning property in the rural part of Cedar City. Here are some of the extra costs or services you may have if you buy land outside of the main city:

Some Lots Require a Water Right

When it comes to living in Cedar City, drought is always a concern. Cedar City is located in the desert, and water shortages do happen. This is one of the reasons that water rights are important to the area. If you own a lot outside of the main part of Cedar City, you will likely have to buy a water right to get water on your lot. This will allow you to be able to dig for a well, which will also be an extra cost.

Some Lots Don’t Come with Power

Many of the properties and subdivisions far out in the valley do not have direct power. This means that if you purchase a lot in such an area you will have to pay to have power brought to your land. This can be expensive if there isn’t a power source close by. You will want to plan on this cost when evaluating your budget.

Some Lots Don’t Have Direct Roads

There are many subdivisions that are not fully developed in the Cedar City area. That means that you may have a lot you can build on but not necessarily a road to your lot. Depending on where you buy, you may need to have either a dirt road or a paved road built so you can access your property. This may involve getting permission to do so from other property owners in the area that may have their lots impacted by the road.

Some Lots May Not Have Sewage or Garbage Pick-Up

Another thing you may not think about is the need for a septic tank and septic service on a rural lot. The chances are good that you will not have access to a main sewer line if your home is in the country. You may also have to deliver your own garbage to the dump if the garbage man doesn’t have a route to where you live.

Understanding that one of the reasons rural lots are less expensive is because of these extra costs is an important thing to factor in when making an investment. Do your homework, and talk to a local Realtor about what you will need to do with any lot you purchase in order to build a home. This will help you avoid buying something that will have more expenses than you can afford.