New Attractions in Cedar City Evidence of Trending Growth

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New Attractions in Cedar City Are Evidence of Trending Growth

While most areas in Utah were negatively impacted by the recent recession, many Utah towns rebounded quickly and maintained an upward tick on the growth chart. Cedar City is one of those towns that had a couple of years of slowed growth and development, but in the last two years in particular things have really picked up steam in the real estate and development parts of the local economy.

Cedar City continues to expand past the south interchange, and there are a lot of homes and businesses being built towards the north part of town. Even more impressive is the growth to the west of town, where homes and subdivisions have been developing on the back side of Leigh Hill and beyond. In addition to the various construction projects going on, the evidence of prosperity in Cedar City can also be found in the type of businesses and attractions coming in. Here are a few of the most notable projects that finished or began in the last year.

Revamped Shakespearean Festival

The Utah Shakespearean Festival continues to attract tens of thousands of people every year. To accomodate the high demand for more plays a few years ago, there was an extended season added in the fall, which has allowed more people to come and enjoy high quality theater beyond the summer months. At the beginning of this year’s season, a revamped and larger atmosphere was ready for theater fans. A brand new outdoor theater, fashioned after the old Adams theater, was ready, as well as a new Green Show area just outside the theater. On both sides of the new theater and Green Show plaza were new museums, including a massive new arts museum. These new attractions for theater lovers and lovers of art are expected to draw record crowds to the area in future seasons.

A New LDS Temple on the Hill

Construction on a new temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was announced a couple of years ago. It began construction just over a year ago, and it is mostly complete on the outside. This beautiful structure has been an attraction for property buyers, and it represents the growth of the city, as temples are usually only built in areas with enough people to participate in them. Property values have gone up steadily in areas right around the temple, and there is a lot of interest in both land and homes that are close to the new religious building. This is another symbol of the interest people have in moving to Cedar City.

Great Businesses Being Built Now

In addition to the many restaurants and retail stores that have come to Cedar City in the last few years, there are some particularly exciting new projects currently under way. Many residents were ecstatic when TJ Maxx put in a new store two years ago. As another option, there is now a Ross store being built near the brand new Boulevard Home Furnishings store and brand new Christensen’s. In the old Christensen’s building there’s another gym that just opened called Retro Fitness, which is a nice option for people living on the southwest part of town. For people who want more affordable shopping, including second-hand options, there is a huge Deseret Industries currently under construction next to the Wal-Mart Super Center. There is now little need to travel to St. George for great shopping.

The above-mentioned projects are only a few of the new attractions in the area. There is a great deal of economic opportunity for people and businesses looking for a prosperous area with a dynamic and unique economy. Southern Utah may be the best place you can start a new business right now.