Things Home Buyers Can Do to Prepare to Work with an Agent

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Things Home Buyers Can Do to Prepare to Work with an Agent

Finding a Realtor to work with when buying a home is a step in the right direction. Working with someone who understands the local market is a good way to ensure you don’t buy anything that is priced too high or not the right fit for your needs. But, finding the best option on the market involves teamwork in most cases. Ultimately, there are some things the buyer has to do to help an agent find the best home available on the market, especially a market as diverse as the one in Cedar City and the surrounding areas.

Decide on a General Area You’d Like to Live In

In Cedar City, the city limits go all the way into parts of the mountains, so the varying types of homes and properties are numerous. It’s important to determine where in the city you’d like to live, and also to let your agent know up front if there are any areas that you would not want to live. This will help your agent narrow his or her search based on your other criteria, and avoid setting up appointments to see a home in a part of the area you’d never live. If you would like to live in the main part of the city but you’d be willing to consider a home a large parcel near Enoch, then let you’ll be more satisfied with the places you’re shown if you give your agent all those details from the first consultation. If you aren’t completely sure of where you’d like to live, or if you’d just like to know all of the variables, your Realtor will be able to go over all of the following with you before you visit any locations:

  • Property tax range for different areas of town
  • Services provided, including water, sewage, and electricity for more rural areas
  • Property value trends for a particular area
  • Settlement issues for homes built in recent years in a particular subdivision

These are all things that are good to talk to an agent about if you aren’t familiar with different parts of Cedar City.

Talk to Your Agent About Points of Compromise

The odds of finding everything you want in a previously owned home are low, but you can come close if you are willing to compromise some things. Ultimately, it’s good to have a list of a few must haves, such as number of bedrooms, yard size, and attached versus detached preference. It’s also good to have a list of things you absolutely don’t want, which may include not wanting something that requires a renovation or doesn’t have heating and air conditioning. Consider what are your most important musts and must nots, and make that clear to your agent. This will help make the search process much easier. Additionally, you’ll want to think of things that your willing to compromise on. Depending on the current market, there may not be a lot of homes in your price range that have something you would like, such as a deck or a big back yard.

Be Ready to Buy the Right Home When You Find It

Some buyers think they are ready to buy a home but haven’t taken all the steps to ensure that’s the case. Most Realtors know home mortgage loan specialists who can help you determine whether or not you can qualify for a home. Not only that, but getting approved first will also help you determine the max amount of money you’ll be able to borrow. This may include a budget for home renovations if you want to renovate the home you purchase. By getting approved for a loan first, you will be confident when you are ready to make an offer that you’ll be able to get the funding needed to close. You can determine what you are qualified in short meeting with a lender. They can also help you find less common lending options if you are able to qualify for a traditional loan.

By taking a few steps to prepare for the process of buying a home, you’ll be helping your agent get you the right home for the right price, and for all of your needs. This will help you avoid wasting time, and the process of buying a home will be a positive experience.