5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your Home in Cedar City

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5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent to Help You Sell Your Home in Cedar City

One of the biggest priorities any seller has when selling a home is getting the best price possible. For many sellers, especially those who own their home free and clear, it may be tempting to try and sell without a real estate agent–usually with the thinking that they will be able to save money on the 6% commission cost that is involved in most home sales. While this may seem like the best way to go for some buyers, there’s a reason why approximately 90% of homeowners selling a home choose to hire an agent. Here are some of the most compelling you should have representation when selling in Cedar City:

An Agent Will Sell Your Home Faster and for More

It is a statistical fact that sellers who hire an agent sell their home for more. There are several reasons this is true. The first is, commission costs and selling costs are often figured into how much an agent will price your home at, which makes the commission concern a non issue. An experienced agent will also research and provide for you a current market anaylsis of your home. With access to the MLS and other real estate tools, an agent can use recent home sales, market trends, and comparables in your neighborhood to give you an accurate valuation of your home. Your agent can then make a recommendation on a sales price based on what the value may be at in the next six months. Depending on how quickly you need or want to sell your home, you and your agent will set a price based on your goals. The average home in Cedar City that is listed by an agent sells in a little over three months. That’s just an average. Homes that are accurate priced or in high demand are selling much faster. The right valuaton can make all the difference.

An Agent Has Access to a Network of Buyers

Aside from an accurate market evaluation of your home, an experienced Cedar City agent has access to a network of buyers. One of the largest hurdles for people selling a home on their own is that they have trouble finding serious buyers. When you hire an agent, you have access to his or her current clients who are looking to buy homes. Not only that, but in a small community like Cedar City, most of the agents know each other and help each other meet their clients’ needs. Having access to list your property on the MLS is a huge advantage, as all local agents will be able to see the listing and all of the pertinent information about your home. Most established agents also spend money on advertising and so do the brokerages they work for. When selling a home, its less about finding people who are looking to buy a home, because there are many of those people, and more about finding the few who are qualified and interested in buying a home like yours. The access to the right buyers is one of the biggest reasons to hire an agent. You are much more likely to get top dollar for your home if you can compete for those buyers who will find your place to be the perfect investment.

An Agent Will Protect You During Negotiations

Another major disadvantage to selling a home on your own is that you may not understand real estate law or contracts. A real estate agent protects the interests of his or her clients by explaining the terms of any agreement, as well as helps them to understand what exactly has been negotiated. It’s not uncommon for special terms to be introduced into a real estate deal. For example, a buyer may want to buy your home on the term that you fix a damaged part of your roof. Sometimes terms like this may have a time limit. There may be many terms that are attached to the initial contract, and your agent will make sure that you are getting a fair deal and understand any obligations or restrictions that are negotiated. Your agent will also help you negotiate any special terms you may have as a seller, including a specific time frame by which you may want the closing to occur. Some terms or restrictions could make a break a deal, and an experience agent will be able to help you avoid making mistakes that might offend a buyer or scare them off. Knowing how to negotiate is something all good real estate agents know how to do well, and it’s to the great advantage of their clients.

Working with an expert in real estate is the best way to go when you consider that agents help people get more money for their home and can make a sell much faster. Having access to the local real estate network in Cedar City is something only an established agent can offer, and he or she will make sure you make a deal that you feel confident about and that’s in your best interest. All of these things will make your selling experience a positive one.