You May Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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You May Need a Real Estate Lawyer When Facing These Scenarios

For basic real estate investing, you will want to sign on with a local real estate agent for representation. While an agent can give you a lot of good information about local markets and which properties make good investments, they cannot offer legal advice. In any situation where there may be legal issues with a property, you’ll want to consult a real estate lawyer. Here are a few scenarios where that may be necessary.

You Have a Real Estate Purchase Agreement with Complicated Terms

While many purchases of real estate require the basic contract that all Utah real estate agents use, there may be unusual or complicated terms in some real estate deals. For example, If you are buying a commercial property with a lot of zoning restrictions or with special conditions, and if the seller has added a lot of terms to the agreement that aren’t standard, you will probably want to see an expert in real estate law to review the contract. Real estate lawyers can ensure that any contract is fair, and they can advise you on changes that need to be made.

You Want to Get Permission from the City for a Special Project

Some buildings and properties may have zoning issues that may impact whether or not you can do what you’d like to do with your real estate investment. In some cases, a real estate lawyer can help a business or someone who wants to build a home on a particular lot that isn’t zoned residential can make a case to the city to change restrictions. A lawyer can help you file necessary paperwork and even take certain legal action as required. A good lawyer can also help you determine if you’d be wasting your time pursuing certain development projects when dealing with current zoning and regulation rules in the city you’d like to do the project in.

You Have a Property Line Dispute in Your Neighborhood

While lots are usually surveyed with great accuracy, there are times when people get into disagreements about property lines in different neighborhoods. If your neighbor has built something on your property and is claiming it is on his property, you may want to hire a real estate lawyer to help you settle the issue. Most of these types of problems can be resolved through mediation and doing a new survey of the lots in question.

Ultimately, it’s always good to get help when dealing with real estate disputes or complicated real estate matters. A local real estate lawyer in southern Utah can help you avoid long term problems or contract disputes by offering sound advice.